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50 Creative Marketing Tips

1.    Fonts should be easily read and applicable for what you want to communicate.

2.    Limit the number of colors you use for any one graphic. Stick to three to five colors.

3.    Create easy to understand icons that depict the information you need to share without words.

4.    Use call outs to highlight different important points that you want to convey with pictures and words.

5.    Use plenty of white space on all your visual marketing to help the reader's eye rest.

50 Pinterest Marketing Tips

Pinterest is a fun, visual social media site. It's a great place to share and find the stuff that interests you. Businesses can take advantage of using Pinterest's huge following to build traffic and relationships to their own brand. Here are 50 tips to help you start marketing with Pinterest.

1.    Include a price tag in the pins you create or repin because Pinterest users are looking to buy.

2.    Give something away in your Pinterest pin. It could be a new tool, a template or an app.

3.    Be consistent. Pin or re-pin to your Pinterest boards every day. Keep your pins fresh.

50 Tips For Marketing and Educating Your Audience With Slide Shows

PowerPoint is a powerful tool for creating slide shows. Slide shows, when used in your business, can be great marketing and educating material. But only if they are done right. Here are 50 tweet size tips to help you create, market and educate with slide shows.

1.    SlideShare slideshow presentations index very quickly in Google Search!

2.    Keep colors and fonts consistent in slide shows. Focus on the message. Everything must have a reason.

4.    Use high-quality graphics and images in your slide shows.

Photoshop Elements Tool Box Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet will help you get familiar with the features of the quick, guided and expert mode of Photoshop Elements 12.

Quick Mode
Quick mode is mainly for small edits that don't take much time such as removing red eye, whitening teeth and cropping an image.

Guided Mode
Guided mode will automate or partially automate many of the more advanced features such as scratch removal, adding effects, adjusting the lighting and or hue.

It also contains some fun features to give your photo a unique look. You can view the before and after pictures side by side as you work so you can instantly see the changes.

Podcasting Tips and Ideas

1.    When presenting single-opinion podcasts, be positive or negative - but never be wishy-washy.

2.    Healthy podcasting 101: Make your podcast host look good if you're a guest and make your podcast guest look good if you're a host.

3.    Use the podcasting system and software that feels most natural to you.

4.    Have your podcasts transcribed. Offer the transcript as a gift, bonus or member perk.

5.    Create hashtags for your regular weekly podcast - and HAVE regular weekly podcasts.

Video Screencast Brainstorming Worksheet

Creating a screencast video is a great way to show case your products, demonstrate your services and show others how to do something. But where do you begin?

This worksheet helps you brainstorm the necessary steps to get your video

My main topic for my tutorial video is:


The keywords I am targeting are:


Screen Capture Video Marketing Checklist

Creating your screen capture video takes a little planning and preparation before jumping in. Having a checklist helps you determine the steps you need to take to create a quality video. Follow this checklist as you create your video.


     I have chosen an overall message for my video. I know what I want my viewers to learn or take away from this video. I have chosen great content my customers find valuable.

     I have determined how long I want the video to be. I have gone through the slides/ software / product to get an idea of how long it will take to present the information.

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