8 Ways You Can Attract

Super Affiliates

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Let’s just be honest, all affiliates aren’t created equal.


Sure, you want as many affiliates as possible in your program, regardless of how “super” they are or are not. 


  • Add all of the 1-2 sales up and you’ve got a nice total. 

  • And, some affiliates are just starting out … catch them on the way up and when they ARE “super” they’ll still be promoting you.

  • And, of course, training the “average” affiliate is a great investment on your part … as they transform into a “super” affiliate they’ll have you to thank.


But, in being honest, all affiliates aren’t created equal.  Some have larger lists, greater traffic to their sites and noteworthy reputations just to name a few assets.


And it would be very beneficial to your affiliate program to have them involved -- even ONE time -- in promoting your product.


So, the big question of the moment –


How can you attract “Super” affiliates?


Because, let’s face it, they ARE in demand.  You aren’t the only one who wants their endorsement.  You aren’t the only one who wants to leverage their assets.


Why you?


For starters, you’re reading this report, that’s why! J  Seriously, I may be joking, but there is some truth to the statement.  I’m going to share eight ways that you can get “super” affiliates to join your program.


But, a word of warning –


You aren’t the only one reading this report!


It’s important that you begin using these strategies as quickly as possible before everyone starts using them and they become commonplace and ineffective.


Trust me when I tell you that this can happen quicker than you think. 


So, without cutting into your recruiting time any longer, here are eight irresistible ways to get “super” affiliates to enlist in your sales army...

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