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Five Ingredients for Success in Work and Life

Five Ingredients for Success in Work and Life

If you want to find success in work and in life, there are five things that are essential to achieving that. When you have a strong sense of who you are, it’s easier to accomplish goals that you set for yourself or to make changes in your life.


Unwavering Sense of Self-Worth


When you have self-worth, it means that you’re aware of what your value is. You want to have an unwavering sense of self-worth because it will help you not base how you feel about yourself on what you did or didn’t accomplish.


You don’t want your self-worth connected to what other people think of you or what they say either. For example, some people don’t think they’re worthy of love unless someone else says they are.


You must have your sense of self-worth firmly established in the positive aspects that you know to be true about yourself and not in things in your past or even in things you hope to accomplish.


If you look to external things to determine your self-worth, it will change as the external changes. Establish self-worth by making sure you use positive self-affirmations during daily pep talks.


Identify your strengths. Accept your accomplishments for what they are as well as the praise from other people for what you have done. Don’t entertain negativity about yourself from yourself or from others.


Value yourself as you are. This will help you to have a rock solid sense of self-worth that won’t be shaken whatever you strive for.


Commitment to Work Past Obstacles


When you want to achieve something, at some point you’re going to be faced with obstacles. Something will get in your way and block your path. If you want to find success in your endeavors, then you need to make a commitment that you’ll work past whatever it is that tries to stop you.


One way to make such a commitment is by having a vision. A vision inspires you and helps you grow. It also helps you to stay focused through setbacks or emotional struggles with things like discouragement or doubt.


Your vision should define exactly what you want to achieve and specify any particular changes that you’d like to make. A vision helps bring you back when you veer off course.


It allows you to determine your achievements based on the milestones you reach on the journey. Plus, having a vision gives you clarity with your goals, the action steps you take and even your obstacles to help you make choices that will lead you to the desired outcome.


When you have a vision, it allows you to see past your current circumstances, which is helpful when you do run into roadblocks. A vision can help keep you on track with forward momentum when you feel like you want to quit.


It allows you to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. With a vision, it will help you to keep firm in your commitment to proceed when it seems like there’s no way around your obstacles.


When you’re committed to achieving your goals despite the roadblocks, you’ll be able to take stock of the failures you’ve experienced. By being able to analyze what went wrong, you’ll be able to understand how to solve the situation.


That’s also true when it comes to handling problems. You’ll be able to deal with them and take them in stride without letting them affect your momentum.


Ability to Ask for Help


If you’re seeking success in work and life, one thing you’ll need to have is the ability to ask for help. Sometimes people don’t like the idea of asking for help because they think of it as a sign of weakness.


It’s as if they aren’t smart enough to figure things out for themselves. They might worry what others will think of them or they believe it’ll be humiliating to admit they need someone else’s input.


Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength and determination. People who ask for help often discover that they succeed faster than if they tried to muddle through.


Asking for help isn’t a sign that you can’t do it all. It’s a way of doing whatever is best for your business or for you personally. Plus, asking for help is also a good self-worth booster because it can foster a sense of community with the other person or with the group you seek help from.


With whatever it is that you’re seeking success in, it can be a struggle and even lonely trying to do it solo. When you ask for help, you have camaraderie. That can help bolster your self-worth and provide encouragement.


By asking for help, you can eliminate the time consuming and sometimes costly mistakes that you might make on your own. There will always be someone who has walked the same journey that you’re on and by getting their help, you’ll benefit from their experience.


You also want to be sure that you make time in your life to give help to others. When you help others, it actually helps you as well. Giving your time and expertise to other people boosts your self-worth as a leader.


Studies have shown that giving help to others stirs the reward center within the brain.

You’ll feel happier plus you’ll get a confidence boost. When you give to others you gain more positivity and gratitude. You also get a sense of empowerment whenever you pay it forward by helping other people.


Staying True to Your Own Needs


Another ingredient that you need for success is the ability to stay true to your own needs. It can be easy to lose sight of the path for your goals. When you make a decision to do something for yourself that’s going to end in personal or professional success, you’ll quickly discover that not everyone will agree with you.


Your circle of influence - whether it’s friends, family or work colleagues - may feel that they know what you should be doing with your life. More so than you do. Sometimes, these people are genuinely trying to be helpful.


Sometimes the suggestions or the lack of support for what you want to do is based in jealously. You may have someone tell you not to lose weight or work out because you’re too skinny.


Or you may have someone tell you not to take a job that you want because you’ll have to move away. Or you may have a teacher or professor tell you what kind of career you should pursue when it’s not really your heart’s desire.


You have to stay true to whatever it is that you want - to what will make you happy rather than what will please other people. If you don’t follow your passion or chase your dreams because someone else wants you to go a different way, you’ll end up feeling regret and maybe even resent that you didn’t stay true to your own needs.


Dedication to Continuing Education


For success, you’ll want to have a dedication to continue your education. Though returning to college for another degree, finishing college or changing career course is one way to gain more education, there are other forms that can be just as helpful.


Sometimes, even more helpful. Some college professors teach methods on how to run a business when they’ve never actually had any hands-on experience. Or they might teach how to build something they haven’t done.


That’s why one of the best teachers in your life can be you. All you need is the determination to learn whatever it is that you’d like to know. To grow your success in any area of your life, be committed to remain in learning mode.


People who are lifelong learners tend to be able to solve problems quickly as well as figure out a way to make what they want to achieve a possibility. You can do things like read books to find what it is that you want to know.


You can get books right on your reading device or from the library. You can get them from the bookstore or even borrow them. So much knowledge is right at the tip of your fingertips.


And you can also research online any topic in the world that you’d like to learn about. Brainstorm ideas and ways to do things. Try new things. You might discover a new way of managing your nutrition.


Learn a language that might help you be more successful. Take a leadership course. That’s one way. Another way to continue educating yourself is to find good influencers. See how they’ve created the effect that they have - how they reached their point of authority in an area.


Study successful people. Look at what they’ve done to reach the place they are, especially if it’s somewhere that you aspire to be as well. Watch shows or documentaries that teach what you want to know.


Or watch videos. Listen to podcasts. Attend seminars or webinars. Join a group that wants to learn the same thing that you do. Volunteer for whatever it is that you want to learn. You can also find internship or apprenticeship opportunities.

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