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12 Responsive List Building and Monetizing Essentials

Reach More People, Do More Business, and Make More Money Using the Proven Power of Email Marketing

Some people say email marketing is dead. And I'm here to tell you that those people are wrong. 

Dead wrong.

Email marketing may have fallen out of favor with some people as the newer, shinier technologies and platforms came on the scene, like social media. But email marketing still beats social media hands down when it comes to pure profitability…IF you know the right way to build and market to your list. (Most people don't.)

Here Are Four Good Reasons Why Email Marketing is

Still One of The Most Powerful Ways to Grow Your Business:

Reason #1: You own your list. 

Once you build your list, no one can take it away from you. Even if you move to a different email service provider, you can take your list with you.

Compare that to a platform like Facebook, where one rule change could make you lose your entire network without warning. Ouch, to say the least.

Reason #2: You can reach your prospects and customers any time.

Many people enable push notifications for email on their phones, meaning you can reach your prospect any time. It's a great way to build relationships with your audience and generate sales.

#3: There are fewer distractions.

When someone goes to check their email, there's only one thing they can do once they're inside their inbox: read email. If you craft an enticing subject line, they may even read your email FIRST.

Compare that to social media, which is a circus of ads, games, pictures, videos and everything else to distract users. It's hard to get attention when the entire site seems to be yelling to get your prospect's attention!

#4: Email marketing is extremely profitable.

Your prospects willingly and eagerly joined your list because they WANT to read your emails. They want to see your product recommendations. They want to buy from you because they trust you.

Think of it: just one email can put hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your pocket! (And that number grows as you grow your list.)

Now all of these benefits sound pretty good, right? 

But here's the catch: you need to know the RIGHT way to build, grow and market to your mailing list. And that's exactly what you'll get with this email marketing course.




The main guide, which gives you an overview of the insights and strategies you are going to learn in the individual guides below, so that you can proceed with confidence in building and monetizing your list.











A set of 12 email marketing guides, each of which presents you with a collection of 17 of the very best tips, ideas, insights, examples, templates, checklists and strategies you need to create your own profitable list. These are the gold nuggets and "ah ha!" moments that will help you create the kind of list you've always wanted.

12 Responsive List Building and Monetizing Essentials

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