101 Ways To Give Away Business Cards and Get The Best Promotional Bang 

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When you think of giving away business cards, you probably think of giving one away anytime a prospect shows interest in your business.


That’s ONE method. And that’s one type of person to give your cards to…


But for best results, you should also be giving your cards to people who can bring you business (like joint venture partners).


With that in mind, here are 101 ways to give away business cards…


1. Mail them along with paid physical products.


Do you have a physical home study course or other physical product? Be sure to include a welcome letter with the package and staple your business card to the letter. (See later tips for ideas of what to put on the back of your card so that customers don’t throw it away.)


2. Sell products on eBay® and include your cards with each shipment.


You can’t sell downloadable goods on eBay, so with most auctions you’ll need to actually ship something to your customers. Naturally, you should include your business card in the mailing.


3. Mail cards along with free physical products.


One way to build a postal mailing list is by offering a free paper report, a free CD, free DVD or similar physical product. If you use this list-building method, be sure to include your business card with the shipment.


4. Give them away to members of your mastermind group.


Do you meet regularly with an online or offline mastermind group? Either way, give them your cards and a reason to contact you. Mastermind members often turn into joint venture (JV) partners!

If you find this information helpful, feel free to download it and pass it along to others.